De ce trebuie sa ai instalat antivirus pe laptopul tau

Antivirusul, un program pe care atat de multa lume il ignora si asta in ciuda faptului este o masura de securitate extraordinara mai ales daca folosesti laptopul si pt. unele lucruri mai serioase, cum ar fi de exemplu cumparaturiile online sau plata facturilor.

Ca si o recomandare eu iti propun sa descarci  un antivirus gratuit, precum Avast care sincer mi se pare cam cel mai bun antivirus de anul acesta.

Click aici pt. Avast Antivirus 2015 – Download Gratuit

Nu stiu sigur dar parca la unele laptopuri Asus noi acesta vine preinstalat, desi s-ar putea sa ma insel.

Programul e foarte usor de instalat si nu dureaza mai mult de 2-3 minute, plus ca nu trebuie sa ii faci nici o setare, isi face singur toate update-urile.

Apropo daca vrei sa-ti iei un laptop nou si nu te poti decide, gasesti o gramada de informatii despre preturi, oferte si recenzii la mai multe modele de laptopuri ieftine de calitate pe site-ul romanesc Laptopuri Ieftine Gen.

The ideal age to start toilet training your childer

potty training readiness cuesThis whole thing with when’s the right time to start potty training your child has really got a lot of parents very confused about the toilet training proces.

And despite the fact that so many parents find potty training such an awful task, it’s actually not that hard. The most important potty training advice is to always pay attention to the readiness signs.

These are cues your child let’s out that shows you if he or she is ready to be potty trained.

Jennifer Morgan from PPT says that there are at least 7 or 8 readiness signs you should watch out for.

Once these signs are there, your child’s toilet training can be easily done in 3 days.

So the “right age” to start potty training is actually when your child is ready and not when it’s a good time for you. Remember that you can’t put a deadline on stuff like this.

If you want some free potty training tips you can check out Jennifer’s ebook pdf guide. You can find it at the Project Potty Training blog.

Speaking of parenting blogs, luckily there are lots to pick from. But be careful cause not all the advice is accurate, and sometimes it may not help you at all.


Should you invest in a pair of wireless headphones?

Today almost everything is wireless. What the heck you can even control home appliances from your smartphone.

But what I’m here to talk about is wireless headphones, and particularly the best wireless headphones for watching TV.

I found this video with a comparison on some of the top headphones which I’m sure you’re gonna like.

The best part of watching TV with headphones is that you don’t bother other people around you and you’re not being disturbed by other noises in the room, allowing you to enjoy a movie theather-like experience.

Anyway it’s definitely worth checking out. Ohh and if you’re an active person who likes to jog or maybe hit the gym once or twice a week you can check out the best bluetooth headphones for running.

Frigider cu 2 Usi sau Frigider Side by Side?

E greu si cu frigiderele astea. Cu atatea modele noi iesite pe piata si tot felul de dotari, sincer nici nu mai stii pe care sa il alegi.

In principiu frigiderele sunt de 2 feluri: frigidere cu 2 usi si frigidere side by side.

Frigiderele cu 2 usi se mai numesc si frigidere frantuzesti. Dar oricum e mult de vorba aici, mai bine mergi pe Frigidere ieftine gen. Gasesti acolo informatii despre mai multe modele de frigidere, combine frigorifice, congelatoare si chiar si lazi frigorifice.

Daca vrei o recomandare de frigider side by side de calitate si la un pret cat de cat acceptabil eu iti recomand un frigider full no frost side by side de la Samsung, modelul RSA1ZTSL1.

AAaaa.. poate vrei ceva mai ieftin. Atunci aici gasesti un top cu frigidere sub 1000 RON, ia-l pe care-ti place.